Your PR Competition Isn’t Who You Think It Is


No matter what you are promoting – be it healthcare products, financial services, gardening supplies or party favors – your PR competition isn’t necessarily who you think it is.

You aren’t just vying for attention with your direct competitors. You are competing with every other brand or service that is pitching the same newspapers, websites, and TV and radio stations.

You are competing with every press release, mat release and email pitch that an editor or journalist will see this week. Think your story will get picked up by media outlets nationwide?

And you even are competing with journalists.

Not only are you competing with the work of every other PR Pro, you also are competing with the work of every wire service journalist whose story is being made available on the wires this week.

Still think you can win the day?

It’s all about creating a compelling headline that will get editors to click into your story – and then offering “news readers can use” that will get them to run it.

This means your story can’t only be about what makes your party favors the best party favors on the block. A better approach might be to spotlight those same party favors in a story or pitch offering tips for “Throwing a Great Summer Barbecue” or “Throwing a Great Holiday Party.”

What it all boils down to is that many PR and marketing folks are their own worst competition – as they over-stuff their headlines and stories with self-important info or jargon that only their direct competitors understand or care about.

Think about who your real competition is and then craft a story that will get editors to bite.