Why Content Distribution is More Important than Content Creation


What good is creating great content if nobody sees it? We’ve all heard the metaphors and expressions about content. Content is King. Build it and they will come. These days, there are far too many “kings” out there all clamoring for attention and many have built edifices to which nobody is flocking.

Great content is crucial, there’s no denying this. But getting this content in front of the right audiences is ultimately what will make a marketing or PR campaign successful.

How can you get your content noticed and consumed?

For starters, you need a smart “owned” media strategy. You will need to update the channels you control with quality content that will resonate with your target audience. This means keeping your brand’s website frequently updated with content your customers will want to consume and putting a smart SEO campaign behind it. From unpaid organic opportunities to paid search engine advertising to pay-per-click campaigns to direct emails, getting your website noticed is a great first step. Be sure to create a content plan, first!

As part of this, implement a comprehensive social media strategy on the social media accounts you control – your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Vine accounts, etc. You will need to fill up your proverbial dance card with freshly updated content that smartly distributes your messaging to the right recipients, utilizing the right media types that mesh well with your content and the products you are promoting. Put simply: figure out if, when and how you will be using long form posts, short form updates, video, images, etc.

However, going beyond your own digital walls that you control is the key to spreading your word as widely as possible.

This is where “earned” and “paid” media should enter your marketing mix. A multi-tiered PR strategy can help you garner media placements, earning coverage for your ideas and products from journalists and their media outlets. In addition to press releases and media pitches, think about guest columnist and guest blogger opportunities where you can extend the reach of your content.

There are other ways to accumulate both ‘earned” and “paid” media opportunities, such as by utilizing a Sponsored Editorial Content service that will create great content on your behalf, showcasing your organization as a trusted topical expert, and will then distribute this content to newspapers, TV station, radio stations, bloggers and social media influencers. Here at StatePoint Media, our national content distribution network promotes and tracks our clients’ content to more than 13,000 thousand local print and online media outlets and consumer bloggers.

From feature stories to infographics to listicles, there are many ways to get out your message and to focus your efforts on earned and paid content distribution that will move the needle for your business – by garnering distribution of your content in channels that you don’t own: print and online media outlets and the social media pages of third party influencers and thought leaders.

In the overall scheme of things content creation is less than half the battle. Successfully maintaining owned, earned and paid content distribution strategies will make sure your great content finds its audience… and you find customers.