Why Blogging Still Matters

Blogging is considered by some to be useless; it doesn’t directly lead to sales, and it takes up time that might be used on other marketing resources. However, blogging provides useful and updated content on a brand’s website. This is critical for brands to appear near or at the top of user search results and for establishing deeper relationships with customers as a trusted resource.

It’s important for brands to keep this in mind, especially as we move towards a more ecommerce-driven economy (in part due to the ongoing pandemic). Blogs continue to be an important and beneficial tool to keep brands relevant and top of mind for consumers.

The key to an effective blog is to make sure you’re bringing your audience valuable information it can use. Give your website’s visitors a reason to trust your brand as a leader in your market, and let their curiosity take them around the rest of your website.

Here are some key blogging benefits that can directly boost your brand.

Bring Your Message Directly to Consumers

Blogging provides an additional way to promote your message, products, and expertise to potential and loyal customers. It’s an additional outlet to foster user engagement on your website, and it reminds them that your brand is relevant. Create a blog for your brand and speak with consumers directly – and not just through advertising.

Generate Web Traffic

More blog posts mean more search results, more clicks, and more overall engagement. By maintaining a blog for your brand, you provide additional opportunities for individuals to find your website and to also spend more time on your website. More time spent on your site means more possibilities for them to be converted into customers.

Improve SEO

Search engines, as we know, reward brand sites that practice smart Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Therefore, it should be no surprise that brands with a focus on SEO best practices perform better in search results. One great way to boost your SEO ratings? Keep a well-maintained, updated blog on your website.

Deepen Customer Relationships

Consumers want to buy from brands that are trustworthy and have their best interests at heart. Maintaining a blog for your brand is a simple and effective way to connect with individuals and show them your brand values and what your expertise includes. Blog posts are also a way for you to discuss other ideas besides your products. Do you know a lot about certain subjects? Write about them and inform the public. They’ll learn to rely on you for more information as a trusted expert.

Cost Effective

Blogging takes little time and effort when you do it right. Create a content calendar to determine the frequency and content of blog posts, and you’re halfway there. It’s an easy tool to do in-house, too, meaning you don’t have to worry about outsourcing the task and increasing your brand’s marketing expenses.

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Image Credit: Kevin Phillips – Pixabay