A Look Back: Our Top Posts of 2016


2016 was another great year for us. We are strong believers in good content, so we decided to share a roundup of our most-read blog articles from 2016. Thanks for reading!

1. What’s the Difference Between a Mat Release and a Press Release?

Any PR professional worth her salt knows what makes a great press release stand out. But the rules are different for mat releases. Learn about the major differences between mat releases and press releases and when you should use them.

2. What’s the Difference Between Sponsored Content and Native Advertising?

To some, the differences between native advertising and sponsored content might seem subtle. But to us, the differences are stark, especially when comparing native advertising to the sponsored editorial content we create and distribute at StatePoint Media.

While both have a place in your marketing mix, they serve different purposes. And it’s important to understand what each is and what it does best before adding it to your strategy.

3. Five Tips for Using Social Influencer Marketing in Your PR Strategy

It is clear PR professionals can no longer ignore the power of social influencers and the impact they can have on brands. So, if you’re ready to embrace social influencer marketing, how do you get started?

Check out these quick tips to get cracking using social influencer marketing in your PR strategy.

4. A Few PR Terms You Need to Know Now

While much of what PR pros do during a typical day in 2016 is the same as what they might have been doing in 2005 or even 1995, a whole lot is different — even from just a few years ago. So no matter if you consider this a primer or a refresher, here are a few PR terms you need to know now.

5. Four PR Mistakes to Avoid

These days, the world of public relations has become super-heated with instant communications necessitating lightning fast responses and outreach. Whether you work for a PR agency or are in-house, being good is no longer good enough — but working fast can mean that even the best PR pro will slip up occasionally.

Learn about these widespread PR mistakes that could impede your success and should be avoided.

6. Three Reasons to Include Social Influencer Marketing in Your PR Strategy

A big part of public relations is influencing how people perceive your brand. And the explosion of social media has created endless opportunities for PR professionals. Integrating social media into your PR strategy is now a must. And now brands are embracing another social media opportunity – social influencer marketing. Learn why you should include social influencer marketing in your PR efforts.

7. How Much Content Does Your Company Need to Get Noticed?

It’s no secret that having a strong content marketing strategy plays a crucial part in marketing success. While we are all aware of this, many businesses still struggle with figuring out just how much content is needed to get their company noticed. It’s a common question that comes with a frustrating answer: It depends. Finding your content creation sweet spot truly depends on the size of your marketing team, your time restrictions, resources, and how much money you have to spend.

Here are three important steps to help you determine how much content your company needs to get noticed.

Image Credit: Marek – Fotolia.com