We connect brands with consumers through "news readers can use" content we develop and distribute to thousands of local media outlets and social media influencers across the country. Our

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platform delivers guaranteed results and best-in-class, real-time reporting.

Local Editorial Placement

Content Amplification

Local Editorial Placement
Let us highlight your brand or organization in “news readers can use” content we distribute and track to our 13,000+ registered LOCAL print and online media outlets you’re not targeting. These outlets reach a huge audience and a valuable demographic: U.S. families living in suburban and rural communities.

Per Story Results

1,100 – 1,300+
Print & Online
150 Million+
Total Audience

Add Spanish translation & distribution for an additional 600+ placements!

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Content Amplification
Let us boost your StatePoint stories or other high-engagement content (tips and advice, coupons, contests, surveys, etc.) to the millions of consumers following our influencers on Facebook, Twitter and other top social networks. We target influencers by topic to reach your demographic, with the ultimate goal of driving high quality, measurable web traffic and social engagements (likes, shares, comments, etc.). Just point us to the compelling consumer content you want to promote, and we’ll take it from there!
Best Content to Amplify:
  • Your StatePoint Stories
  • Consumer Microsites
  • Tips & Advice
  • Coupons, Contests, Surveys
  • Recipes & Infographics
  • And More!

Monthly Distribution Options

Tier 1
3,000 – 4,000
(1 – 3M Impressions)
Tier 2
6,000 – 8,000
(3 – 5M Impressions)
Tier 3
10,000 – 12,000
(6 – 8M Impressions)

Reporting & Minimum Guarantees
StatePoint Media delivers best-in-class, real-time reporting you can trust. We confirm every editorial and social media placement directly with each outlet. Unlike other services, we do not use multipliers, nor do we rely on assumptions. Plus, everything comes with minimum performance guarantees!
Editorial Placement Reporting
StatePoint is the only service that provides a “prominence” ranking for every online placement, so you know which run on a front page, major section page, or several clicks from a front or major section page. Our reports also include a list of all confirmed and pending placements, print clips, links to online stories, audience reach, placements by metro market, minimum guarantees and more.
Content Amplification Reporting
Reports include a list of all influencers who promoted your content, along with links to all live social media posts, monthly engagements, monthly impressions, minimum guarantees and more.