We connect brands with consumers by developing and distributing "news readers can use" content to thousands of local media outlets and social media influencers across the country. Our

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platform delivers guaranteed results and best-in-class, real-time reporting.

Editorial Placement Services

Influencer Marketing Services

Editorial Placement Services
We start by determining which of our three editorial products best meet your brand’s unique needs. Our approach centers on leveraging your brand’s expertise to provide consumers with “news they can use,” and you control the message.

Per Story Results

1,100 – 1,300+
Print & Online
4,000 – 6,000+
Social Media
65+ Million
Total Audience

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Influencer Marketing Services
Our Social Amplification is an influencer marketing service specifically designed to promote your PR content to our network of 400+ consumer bloggers and online influencers.
As long as you have the right content to promote, our turnkey service does it all – from creation of social posts and targeting of influencers to securing guaranteed results and providing real-time reports. If you’ve done influencer marketing, you know how time-consuming and costly it can be. Let us save you time and money with a customized Social Amplification campaign.
PR Content You Can Promote
  • Big Press Hits
  • Consumer Tips & Advice
  • Life Hacks
  • Health & Wellness Initiatives
  • Recipes
  • Research Studies & Surveys
  • And More!

Results Per Social Amplification Blast

4 – 6 Million
8,000 – 10,000
Social Media

Tracking & Reporting
StatePoint Media delivers best-in-class, real-time reporting you can trust. We confirm every editorial and social media placement directly with each outlet. Unlike other services, we do not use multipliers, nor do we rely on assumptions.
Editorial Placement Reporting
Editorial placement reports include confirmed and pending placements, print and online clip links, total audience reach, and placements by metro market. Plus, we are the only service on the market that provides a “prominence” ranking for every online placement.
Editorial Report Screenshot
Social Amplification Reporting
Social Amplification reports include links to all social media posts, audience reach, social media engagements (clicks, likes, shares, etc.), and more.
Social Report Screenshot
“5 Step Guide to Creating a Successful
Influencer Marketing Program”

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