The Right Content is Key to Your Influencer Marketing


Just as you wouldn’t want to pitch the wrong story to the wrong journalist when implementing your PR strategy, you wouldn’t want the wrong content damaging your social media influencer marketing campaign.

If you try to spread weak content, influencers won’t want to run it (even if you pay them!) and, more importantly, their followers won’t engage with it – and you will miss out on valuable social interactions for your brand. Worse, you even run the risk of backlash on social media if your bad content earns the scorn of the Facebook and Twitter community.

So, what is good content and what is bad content when it comes to influencer marketing?

Think about this question in terms of a cocktail party guest or the person seated next to you on a plane. You’d probably prefer someone with good stories rather than someone who tries to sell you something.

The same goes for influencer marketing. Stop selling so hard and look to interest people instead. Provide them with some piece of information that can help them in their daily lives or entertain them. Think hard about the social media audience you’re targeting and the key influencers leading them and craft your content to meet their needs.

Here are some examples of effective posts shared as part of two social media campaigns (click images to enlarge):


clips-collage-2Not so good alternatives would have been posts focused solely on selling a mobile phone case or a fireplace or the product features they included. In order to make customers care about your products on social media you have to tap into subjects they already care about!

It’s all about the right content and the right targeting.