Remember the ‘Marketing’ in Content Marketing


You can write the best article, craft the perfect infographic or draft a terrific blog post, but if you only post it on your website nobody will find it. Content is king, as the saying goes, but without distribution you won’t attract any loyal subjects.

Use Every Megaphone

If you only post your great content on your website, search engines might not find it for months, if at all. Use every megaphone at your disposal – from syndicating it to other websites (with backlinks to your website) to promoting it on your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

A mat release service that offers guaranteed placements can be particularly effective for distribution of stories and infographics. Here at StatePoint, we typically get each story 800-900 placements on media websites and in print newspapers, reaching 15-17 million readers.

And stories can be SEO-enabled, integrating search keywords, anchor text links and backlinks to your website – where they make sense editorially and follow “best practice” requests from the major search engines.

Measurable Distribution Matters

Finally, make sure your distribution efforts can be measured. Not only should you have proper analytics tools installed on your website to measure your traffic, its origins and, of course, your own SEO effectiveness, you should only employ distribution services that offer trusted measurement and reporting capabilities. When using a mat release service to help get your message to the masses, make sure to use one which confirms every media placement and doesn’t employ inflated multipliers.

When done well, content marketing can be a cost effective, unique way to connect your brand to consumers as a trusted expert – and have them spread the word to their friends, family and co-workers.