New Year’s Resolution: Get More Press Coverage


The leaves have just turned to the earthy tones of fall, but here at StatePoint we’re already preparing New Year’s stories.  I know we’re constantly told to “live in the moment,” but when it comes to media coverage you need to be thinking a few months ahead.

New media technologies may be all around us, but one of the oldest concepts in media still holds true: many media outlets still work on long lead times. This is especially true when it comes to timely events that happen year-in and year-out with virtually no late breaking news.

When it comes to special packages for such events as the Holiday Season, New Year’s Resolutions, Spring Home & Garden and more, thousands of media outlets get a jump start by preparing their special packages ahead of time.

With this in mind, here at StatePoint Media we already are working on our special package of New Year’s Resolutions feature stories and mat releases that will be distributed to newspapers, TV stations and radio stations for their print and online editions.

By providing media outlets with packages well in advance of calendar events, we give them time to edit their special packages at their leisure, make special graphical layouts and send things to the printers with time to spare. And in return you get more placements for your stories and even better positioning on newspaper and web pages.

So while it may not yet be Thanksgiving in your house, in our house it’s already time for New Year’s planning. And there’s still time for our clients to get in on the action.