Local Media Coverage:
An Overlooked PR Opportunity


Are you overlooking a proven tactic for securing thousands of media placements per PR campaign?

The public relations landscape has changed. Public relations execs have more options than ever to reach not only reporters and editors, but also to directly tap audiences through new social media and content marketing channels. With these changes, however, many PR teams have let a powerful channel — local media — fall by the wayside.

Not only can local media coverage help get your brand in front of millions and millions of consumers, local placements can even help improve your search engine rankings and amplify your PR messages on social media platforms.

The good news is local community media are thirsting for content. But most reporters and editors who work at these outlets never get pitched by PR professionals working on major consumer campaigns.

There are 11,195 newspapers in the US, along with 14,728 TV stations and 1,780 radio stations, according to the latest public and private statistics, reaching more than 100 million consumers across the country.

But we’re talking about more than just quantity.

Local community newspapers tend to skew more suburban and rural than the top major dailies, with a high concentration of heads of households and a slightly higher concentration of women versus men. The importance of this audience is obvious to anybody with a consumer-facing brand to market.

And local newspapers aren’t just geographic. There are more than 1,000 special interest newspapers in towns and counties throughout the country, focusing on such topics as healthy living, home and garden, kids and parenting, women, senior living, religion, shopping and others. Often published by local community newspapers, these papers are distributed via the same channels as local general interest community papers.

Smart PR and marketing professionals recognize this untapped opportunity. But many erroneously think that pitching local media will be too time consuming or costly, or they don’t fully understand the value these outlets can deliver.

With this in mind, we’ve written a free eBook offering Local Media e-Bookmore details about the local media landscape and tips on how to integrate more local coverage into your existing PR plans.

Remember: you don’t have to go it alone. There are more resources than ever before available to PR and marketing professionals to communicate directly with local journalists — from new PR distribution and tracking services to new press release wire services to third-party editorial creation and distribution services like StatePoint Media that guarantee you placements and readership in thousands of local media outlets.

So don’t leave all those valuable local placements untapped. Scoop them up for your brand.

Image Credit: Denchik – Fotolia.com