It’s Already Summer for Smart PR Pros


Spring is barely upon us, but it’s already summer for smart PR and marketing professionals who know that many media outlets have long lead times and a crush of marketers vying for precious space.

It’s not just time to plan for summer – it’s time to get moving and prepare collateral materials, press releases, infographics and mat releases!

Of course you can issue summer stories throughout the season and have them perform well, but you can garner significantly more placements by providing your stories to long lead-time publications in with a few months to spare.

A while back we had a client who would come to us in the second week of August every year ready to do an annual mat release on helping families prepare for summer vacations. Then each holiday season this same client would come to us in the second week of December, asking for a story focusing on planning for the holiday season.

So we would write great stories, promote them heavily and they actually would fare ok. But they could have performed much, much better if they had been issued in a more timely fashion.

And all along their competitors were issuing timely story after story that garnered a ton of placements.

Don’t let this summer slide. Or fall. Or Christmas. Or New Year’s. Or next spring.

Because your competition won’t…