You've invested time and money creating an attention-grabbing infographic. Now you can easily and quickly secure national editorial placement of it on 1,000+ local media websites, in 50 - 300+ print newspapers – and even have it shared by our network of social media influencers.

Earn Local Media Placements & Social Engagements With Infographic Distribution

The process is easy. You provide your infographic, and we’ll develop a 200-word supporting story that includes hyperlinks and your SEO keywords. Your infographic, along with the supporting copy, will then be distributed to our registered newspaper, TV and radio websites as well as to our network of social media influencers.
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Distribution Options

Customize your distribution plan to best reach your target audience

  • Online + Print + Social
  • Online + Print
  • Online Only
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Per Infographic Results

1,100 – 1,300+
Print & Online
85 Million
Total Audience

55% of Online Placements are Featured on Front or Major Section Pages!

Add Social Media!
2 – 4M Social Impressions
4 – 6K Social Engagements

As with our other story types, we’ll work with you to develop content that provides readers with tangible “news they can use” – a format that allows your brand to be positioned as a trusted expert. Our journalistic approach, combined with our content distribution network, allows us to target local media outlets and consumer bloggers across the U.S., positioning your brand as a thought leader in front of a valuable demographic – middle to upper-middle class consumers living in suburban and rural communities.
Our infographic size guidelines are 600 pixels wide by 1600 pixels long. If your image exceeds these dimensions, our editorial team may be able to work with you to resize it.
If you choose to include print distribution, we will work with you to develop a smaller image that features an important portion of your infographic, since most print outlets are unable to run full-size infographics. We will then distribute and track this smaller image (or a lifestyle photo), along with your supporting copy, to local print outlets.

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What You Get

In addition to 1,100 – 1,300 media placements, 4,000 – 6,000 social engagements (likes, clicks, shares, etc.), and 85 million audience reach, each infographic comes with the deliverables below.


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Media Clips



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