Influencer Marketing: Identifying Your Target Audience

Before diving in to an influencer marketing campaign for your brand on social media, you need to identify and truly understand your target audience.

It’s far too easy for PR and marketing teams to get disconnected from their audiences. Take time to determine what audience will work best for your social media campaign and then learn as much as possible about that audience before embarking on influencer marketing.

Not only are you going to want to determine what content already is resonating with your target audience, you’re going to have to figure out exactly how to deliver that content to them. Before jump starting any campaign, identify where your audience is communing online. Are they mainly on Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest? Review sites? Once you’ve identified these hot spots, it will be easier to find different social influencers within these specific communities who consistently share content that best meshes with your audience’s interests.

Below are five key areas you need to explore to help you identify your target social media audience, drawn from StatePoint Media’s free eBook: “5 Step Guide to Creating a Successful Influencer Marketing Program.”

  • Demographics: What is their age and gender? Where do they live? What is their level of Internet savviness?
  • Barriers: Why don’t they know about your brand or product? Why wouldn’t they use your service or product? If they do know about it, why aren’t they using it or using it as much as you would like them to be doing?
  • Motivators: What factors about your brand or product would encourage them to use it?
  • Pain Points: What about your brand or product would frustrate them?
  • What’s in it for me? Why should your customers continue to use your product or service?

Answering these questions will help you identify where your audience is convening on social media and what type of content will best connect with their needs and interest – and best help you market your brand in a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Keep in mind that as you strengthen your social influencer marketing programs, you will gain more valuable insight into your target audience demographics, so you will need to periodically reassess your audience goals and the best content vehicles by which to connect with your targets.

To download StatePoint’s free eBook, “5 Step Guide to Creating a Successful Influencer Marketing Program,” click here.


Image Credit: Rawpixel.com – Fotolia