How Your Content Marketing Can Fuel PR Results


I once worked for a CEO who sat me down on our first day together to tell me that “Tuesday is News Day.” He had helmed different publicly-traded companies and wanted to make sure that whoever handled public relations for him knew that he wanted a steady stream of press releases and coverage each month — so he expected a minimum of one press push a week.

He rightly thought that if you have a good product, there’s no better way to drive interest than through a steady stream of marketing, advertising and PR initiatives, all tied together thematically. Toss social media and smart SEO into the mix today and your drumbeat gets even louder.

But how can you generate a robust calendar of regular press coverage when you don’t have much hard news to share?

You don’t necessarily need new product announcements or new deals to earn media coverage for your brand and its message. These days, you need look no further than the content marketing you already are doing on your website and social media accounts.

If you are like most brands, it’s likely that you already have great content on your website, sharing information the public needs to know about a topic. You’ve probably already created content about different subjects, themes and product niches — to provide valuable information while helping your site appear in search engine results on the likes of Google and Bing.

So without realizing it, your website may already be a treasure trove of content marketing material that can easily and cost effectively be repurposed into pitches, press releases and more.

Here are just a few ways to unearth PR ideas from your existing content marketing:

• Company Blog: See what your blogging team has posted. They spend their days writing helpful content about topics related to your brand that appeal to customers, and often include interesting perspectives.

• Facebook and Twitter: Your social media team is crafting Facebook posts and tweets designed to engage without promoting your brand too heavily. Scour their posts for angles, and also review user posts, questions and comments for new ideas.

• YouTube: Videos your company has posted could reveal fresh ideas for garnering press coverage. Many brands’ video uploads include customer testimonials and stories, which can spark ideas for how real customers have used your products.

• Tools and Guides on Your Website: Any tools on your site, such as calculators, quizzes or checklists, can easily be transformed into new formats.

In addition to press releases and pitches, other savvy ways to reuse the great information from your existing content marketing is to repurpose it in mat releases, infographics and listicles that can be distributed to and run verbatim by print and online newspapers, as well as by TV and radio station websites. Your content can become the centerpiece of stories where you control the message, earning you media coverage in thousands of local media outlets.

Of course, this is where a smart mat release service comes in, helping you determine what material is best for public consumption, drafting the finished product for you, distributing it to thousands of media outlets and tracking placements in a detailed coverage report that can easily be integrated with reports for your press releases and other media initiatives. For a price equivalent to issuing a few press releases you can get actual guaranteed coverage in thousands of media outlets.

This strategy can be successful, so long as you use your content wisely to spotlight your brand within articles that contain enough non-promotional information that media outlets will want to run them. Remember, local community media are thirsting for good editorial content of interest to families across the country — and you already may have it!

So the next time you think “Tuesday is News Day” and you don’t have any new content for a press release, remember that No News Can Be Good News by turning to existing content marketing material that you’ve already created.

Photo Credit: (c) treenabeena – Fotolia.com