How to Create Better Content Marketing for the Holidays


You might think that reaching a larger audience during the holidays would be easier than other times of the year. After all, the holiday season is the time for buying gifts and going out. However, consumers are inundated during this period with advertisements, CTAs, and information from brands across markets. Standing out during this busy season is important if you want your content marketing to be seen. With the right strategy, you can remind consumers that your brand is reliable and trustworthy, and you can get more timely coverage.

Overlap holidays with your products or expertise

While holidays are a time to celebrate, they are often also stressful and jam-packed with events, outings, and family gatherings. Showcase how you can alleviate that stress. For brands with products, create shopping guides. Provide insight into the products you offer for those picky gift recipients, from kids to in-laws to coworkers. Because of the number of special sales and products available during this period, shoppers want guidance on which items to choose. Help them find the right fit by showing them exactly what they want and fit in your offerings contextually into this content. Markets are oversaturated with options during this time, so make sure to also explain in clear, easy language what’s unique about your products.

Alternatively, position your brand as industry expert, offering tips on how to survive the holiday season. Information on health, lifestyle, budgeting, travel and home & garden sell easily all year-round. The holidays are even better for this content as consumers strive to maintain balance and stick to their goals during this exciting season. Provide suggestions on how to keep calm and carry on — whether that’s sticking to a budget during the gift-giving season or substituting unhealthy dishes for more balanced meals and snacks that still delight. Consumers want help, so provide it!

Use that Email Marketing

Consumers signed up for your email marketing for a reason: they like your content, so sell it! What was your best content throughout the year? Group it together and re-promote it to your consumer base. There’s a reason it was well received initially, and those who missed it before may want to see it now. While doing so, you can also take the time to thank your loyal consumers. Show them your gratitude with a simple thank you or a special offer for being loyal to your brand.

As the year winds down, make sure to also provide some sneak peaks for the coming year. Consumers like to know what they can look forward to from your brand, and it keeps their interest on you. Stand out more as an industry expert by providing insights into how they can prepare for next year. Offer suggestions and tips for the new year with brand new knowledge and ideas to make their lives easier or help them become more successful.

Brands Need Humanity, Too

Show the human side of your organization, and add some memorable faces to your name. Influencers are a great way to connect with a larger audience; consumers are more likely to take recommendations from the people they trust, and that’s especially important during the holidays when comparing which products to buy.

Make sure to take advantage of your story feeds across social media and your blog, too. Find loyal customers who have posted glowing reviews about your products, and show them off. The users will be happy their posts have been recognized, and you’ll have free coverage. Go a step further and show off your own team during the holiday months, too. Take group photos of your staff joining in on the holiday spirit!

With these simple steps, you can increase your potential audience during the holiday season and reinforce your presence as an industry expert. Happy holidays!