Holiday Story Ideas to Pitch Now to Your Top Media Outlets


Almost every consumer media outlet issues a special package of holiday stories and infographics, which means there’s an abundance of opportunities for smart public relations and marketing pros to promote their products and services.

But waiting until Thanksgiving rolls around to pitch for holiday coverage is a mistake. You need to act fast, especially if you want to earn holiday press coverage in long-lead time media outlets. For example, we’re distributing our “Holiday Season” package of feature stories and infographics in mid-October, since many of our 13,000 registered media outlets are already planning their holiday coverage.

Here are just a few holiday story ideas that have performed well on our service that you can use to pitch top consumer media outlets on your target list:

• “Enjoying the Holidays Without the Weight Gain”  (Great for food, fitness, and health brands)

• “Five Tips for Making the Holidays More Affordable”  (Retailers, department stores, financial services providers and more)

• “Stocking Stuffers for ____ Enthusiasts on Your List”  (Fill in the blank – cooking, outdoor, golf, exercise, reading, wine, gardening, etc. Could work for most consumer brands)

• “Avoiding Kids’ Brain Drain Over the Holidays”  (Educational products and services and book publishers)

• “Simple, Thoughtful Recipes Work Best Over the Holidays”  (Food and beverage brands)

• “Ideas for Throwing a Killer Holiday Party”  (Home products, entertainment brands, retailers, etc.)

• “Easy Holiday Decorating Tips”  (Retailers)

• “Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season”  (Health products, supplements, retailers)

Remember, when pitching holiday ideas, don’t just look for blatant promotion of your brand or product in gift round-ups. Instead, offer to lend your brand’s expertise, knowledge and perhaps some key data points that bring value to readers (aside from all the great benefits of your product!). For example, have a company spokesperson share consumer tips or advice related to the topic or provide a graphical analysis of holiday shopping trends you’ve researched about your customers in an infographic.

Here at StatePoint Media, we make sure every story we develop and distribute on behalf of our clients follows two basic rules: 1) it has broad appeal and 2) it provides some tangible information of value to readers. As long as our stories do those two things, they invariably do well. In fact, a typical holiday story on our service secures 1,100 to 1,200 confirmed media placements.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more story ideas for your brand or product. Happy holidays (and pitching)!

Image Credit: olly – Fotolia.com

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