Go Where the Goats Are


As the old saying goes, “you’ve got to put the hay where the goats can get it.” It;s not enough simply to create great brand-generated content, you have to get it in front of a large audience.

Of course, millions and millions of consumers are now connecting to each other and forging deeper brand relationships through social media. And this is where many content marketers are focusing their efforts these days.

Don’t Ignore Big Buckets

However, if you only concentrate on the social media world and forego traditional media, you are ignoring the largest buckets full of valuable consumers. The vast majority of U.S. adults, 164 million or 69%, read newspaper media content in print or online in a typical week or access it on mobile devices in a typical month, according to recent stats from Scarborough Research which surveyed roughly 206,000 adults. And this includes young people, as the 59% of young adults, ages 18-24, read newspaper media content in print or online weekly or access it on mobile devices.

So don’t ignore these big buckets of media consumers and potential customers for your product or service!

Amplify with Distribution Services

And remember, measurable distribution matters. Luckily, in addition to social networking services like Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn, and social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Digg and StumbleUpon, there are next generation mat release services that can craft your stories and get them placed in thousands of newspapers and TV, radio and newspaper websites.

Here’s the self-serving part of this post: Each StatePoint Media story typically receives 800-900 placements on media websites and in print newspapers nationwide, reaching 15-17 million readers. Every placement gets confirmed in real-time Coverage Achieved Reports. No inflated multipliers or funny business.

Smart content marketers are not overlooking newspapers, TV and radio – because that’s where the biggest audiences are, in addition to the ever-connected world of social media.