Feature Stories
Highlight your brand in “news readers can use” stories we develop, distribute and track to the more than 14,000 local online & print media outlets registered for our service.

Why Do a StatePoint Story?

  • Thousands of placements in LOCAL media outlets
  • 55 – 60% of online placements on front pages or major sections
  • Strengthen brand loyalty with “news readers can use”
  • You control the message
  • You get promotional rights to all your stories
  • Minimum performance guarantees

Results Per Story

1,100 – 1,300+
Print & Online
150 Million+
Total Audience

You can extend the reach of stories with Radio or Spanish add-ons!

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Story Format

All StatePoint stories, which are journalistic and follow AP Stylebook, perform well when they abide by two simple rules:
  1. Address a topic of broad interest (i.e. they can’t be overly promotional)
  2. Deliver tangible information of value (tips, advice, etc.)
Most stories are in the format of 300 to 500-word Features, and all include a photo for no additional charge. Or you can do a Listicle format that tells a more visual story with 4 – 6 images. For Listicles, we provide one complimentary photo, and you are responsible for providing the rest (or you can license them from us). We can also distribute infographics you already have developed, as long as they follow our two editorial rules above.
Finally, stories can be evergreen (i.e. any topic, any time) or part of our Timely Special Sections (e.g. Spring Home & Garden, Back-to-School, etc.). And if you have a story tied to another timely event (e.g. Father’s Day or Breast Cancer Awareness Month), we can do 2 versions – a timely and an evergreen version – for no additional fee.