Don’t Stop Repeating Yourself: Tried and True Wins


Fresh and new isn’t always best when it comes to getting media placements in local community newspapers and on TV, radio and newspaper websites. Think about it. When you were young did the most popular kids in school change each season, or were the same kids popular year-in and year-out?

The same can be true with a lot of your content marketing.

Each year here at StatePoint we see many of the same stories going through the roof with media outlets. When the weather begins to warm, spring cleaning stories fare well. You can’t go wrong with barbecuing tips in summer. And when it’s time to head back to school, nothing beats a great story with tips on helping kids read better or packing a great school lunch.

So if you have a story that worked well for you, it’s OK to do it again. And to keep doing it each year until it stops getting you great results.

As the editor here at StatePoint, I’m often told by clients that they can’t do a story because they did it last year. When asked why not, it often seems to come down to a client’s team members not wanting their bosses or colleagues to think they don’t have any new ideas.

But results don’t lie.

I’m not suggesting you should never do anything new. To the contrary, you should always be mixing it up when it comes to content marketing and media outreach. But you shouldn’t abandon what works, just because it’s too familiar.

It’s OK to mix in old ideas with new ones – and to do so proudly!

Good consumer content marketing should be about providing tips and advice that the typical family needs to know. And every year, families need warm weather tips in summer, and advice on dealing with colds and flu, and information on helping their kids do well in school, and the list goes on and on.

So don’t reinvent the wheel until it stops spinning…