Why Content Marketing is Great for Home and Garden Brands


Content marketing is made for the home and garden industry. The market is huge, consumers are thirsting for tips and advice to help keep their houses and lawns in shape, and the media are actively seeking such content to fill seasonal special packages.

The opportunity is massive and growing. It’s a target-rich environment — from weekend do-it-yourselfers to homeowners who annually spend around $30 billion caring for their yards.

It’s no surprise then that marketers and publicists in this huge space have taken to content marketing to help spread the word about their products and services. It’s a perfect opportunity for tip-driven mat releases, press releases, infographics and blog posts, since the public actively seeks out information for home and garden projects — especially during the spring, summer and fall seasons.

And the media welcome good “service journalism” content to help fill space in all those special home and garden packages that run in the warm weather months and again as the weather cools.

Think spring cleaning, summer lawn care, home improvement tips, prepping outdoor rooms for family fun, and freshening-up homes seasonally.

More importantly, content marketing is a great way for home and garden marketers to Build Credibility, Deepen Consumer Relationships, and Drive Action.

This is because homeowners need tips, how-tos and advice — that are also natural ways for brands to showcase themselves therein. Here’s what good content marketing can do for you:

When consumers search the web for problems to solutions or open up their newspapers to read seasonal home and garden tips, you should be there. Who knows more about your product category than your own experts?

By serving-up tips and advice, and getting them into the media’s hands by way of mat releases and press releases, you can help build your brand as trusted expert in its category area. Such content marketing is a great way to help establish credibility and widen your reach with consumers by getting out in font them.

When consumers see you as a home or garden expert they are more likely to choose to follow you and your brand on social media. Plain and simple.

They are also more likely to buy your product when you are top of mind as a proven lawn care or home improvement expert. By helping them solve their problems in a feature story or blog post, you get to spend more time with them as a trusted expert and they spend more time interacting with your brand.

The beauty of content marketing when it’s done right is that you get a chance to help consumers while educating them about your product or brand. So long as you provide some non-promotional home or garden tips, it’s the perfect place to also spotlight your product or service.

It’s all about explaining a problem and providing a solution from a credible home or garden expert. This is also your chance to describe how your product can help solve this challenge. This way, consumers are more likely to respond to your traditional marketing efforts and take action when they see your product on store shelves or online.

Photo Credit: (c) ponsulak – Fotolia.com