The Challenge
Briggs & Stratton produces some of the world’s most reliable small engines. Perhaps best known for its lawn mower engines, the company was looking to generate more awareness with consumers of its portable generators and pressure washers. Their challenge was to reach homeowners at the right time of year to showcase the value of their products and the variety of ways they can be used.
Our Solution

We had two primary goals for the campaign:


Leverage Briggs & Stratton’s expertise in home safety, cleaning and yard care to connect with homeowners in a meaningful way.


Generate greater awareness of the company’s generators and pressure washers with homeowners living in suburban and rural communities across the country.

StatePoint Media planned and developed a series of timely and evergreen stories featuring Briggs & Stratton as a trusted industry expert providing tips and advice while also highlighting their newest products. Given StatePoint’s focus on securing editorial coverage in LOCAL online and print media outlets in suburban and rural communities, we were able to effectively reach the company’s core target audience – homeowners.
Another unique aspect of our content marketing service is the degree of control we have over both editorial content and timing of coverage. As a result, we were able to get Briggs & Stratton’s stories in front of homeowners with the right message at the right time. For example, we distributed a timely story in the spring entitled “Time-Saving Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home’s Outdoor Spaces,” which featured their new power washer.
Other stories we developed and distributed on behalf of Briggs & Stratton included “Tips to Stay Safe in Winter Weather” and “Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Who Love the Outdoors,” both of which spotlighted the company’s new generators.
The Results
StatePoint’s registered print outlets consist of daily and weekly community newspapers and our online media outlets are primarily newspaper websites along with a smaller percentage of TV and radio station websites.
From January, 2014 through May, 2015 the Briggs & Stratton campaign secured 1,028 confirmed print placements, 6,244 confirmed online placements, and a total audience¹ of 258 million. A single story on our service typically secures between 1,100 and 1,300 print and online placements, however, one particular Briggs & Stratton story alone secured 330 print placements and 1,041 online placements.
But not all placements are created equal, which is especially true for online placements. That’s why we rate every online placement according to the prominence of its location on a website (i.e. front page versus several clicks from front page). This analysis revealed that just over 90% of the online placements secured for Briggs & Stratton were located on a front page or major section page of media websites! No other service in the industry can come close to this number.
Additionally, the advertising value of the top 10 percent of print and online media placements² alone was worth more than 10x the total cost Briggs & Stratton paid. Again, that’s just the top 10 percent of placements and does NOT include the other 90% of placements secured.
Plus, if you include our new Social Amplification, which was not yet available during this Briggs & Stratton campaign, you can expect to receive an additional 4,000 – 6,000 or more social media engagements (likes, clicks, shares, etc.) per story.

Sample Clips

¹Total Audience – “Total Audience” is an estimate of the total number of readers potentially exposed to all stories. It is calculated by adding the circulations from all the print outlets to the total Unique Monthly Visitors of all the websites that confirmed running each story.
²Advertising Value of Top 10% – “Advertising Value” is determined by calculating the ad equivalency from each placement. Print ad equivalency is calculated by multiplying the respective newspaper’s open inch rate by the total column inches of the story. Online ad equivalency is calculated by using a CPM of $12, as per research by the Newspaper Association of America in partnership with Mignon Media Research. The top 10% figure includes the top 10% of confirmed print outlets by circulation and the top 10% of confirmed online media outlets by unique monthly visitors, but only for only sites where a story ran on the front or major section page (i.e. this does not include highly trafficked websites where stories were located several links from a front page).