Are You Thinking Spring? If Not, You’re Late!


If you’re not already planning your spring PR strategy, you’re late to the game – especially if you want to hit media outlets that have long lead times.

This is particularly true if you have home and garden products or services to pitch, because thousands and thousands of newspapers have special Spring Home & Garden sections that have early deadlines. These special spring sections start getting put to bed in February, so that they can get printed and ready to be distributed.

Here at StatePoint Media, for example, we start working with our clients in late December and January to create spring feature stories and mat releases that will be made available to our 13,000+ media outlets beginning in mid-February. We always issue our timely special packages far enough in advance so media outlets can incorporate our client stories into their special sections.

Every year our Spring Home & Garden package is among our most popular, with each story usually garnering well over 1,000 media placements in print and online for our clients. Some of these articles even hit the 2,000 placement mark!

Right now, it all comes down to planning for the new year, as we typically put together special packages of stories for our clients where we plot out the best times of year to get out their message and schedule their articles accordingly.

No matter if you are planning out press releases or mat releases, traditional media campaigns or social media campaigns, don’t just think about your needs but about the media’s needs.

You need to start planning seasonal campaigns earlier than you might expect.

Image Credit: Kletr – Fotolia.com