Are You Talking Too Much About Yourself on Social Media?


There has been much debate and digital ink spilled on the topic of how often a company or brand should post on social media and how much content it should post. But no matter if you post sporadically or frequently, the one mistake you should avoid is posting too much about yourself.

Your products and services surely are useful and fascinating, but don’t become that guy at the party who boasts constantly about his achievements and those of his darling children.

Of course, StatePoint Media is great — we all know that — that’s why you are on our site. But if we used our blog and social media accounts only to tout our service offerings, you would stop reading. That’s what the rest of our website is for!

Don’t turn your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts into brochureware. This doesn’t mean you should never post about your offerings, only that you need to be selective.

And this will help get your promotional messages seen more frequently!

The more popular your postings are, the more they will get seen in the future. It’s no secret that Facebook, for instance, takes note of how often your posts are shared, liked or commented upon — and then rewards your future posts. Put simply: the more popular your content is, the more Facebook will work to ensure that your future posts will get surfaced for readers. This means that your more promotional messages will benefit from your less self-serving ones.

So what should you post most often about?

It’s easy to resort to stunts, furry pets and cute babies to draw an audience. But unless you sell pet food or baby products this strategy likely won’t help you that much in your quest to use social media to better connect with your potential customers.

What you should be doing is tapping into your expertise and sharing useful, actionable information that will help your customers achieve their goals in their daily lives. You must be expert at something or you wouldn’t be making a product or offering a service. That “something” is the key to making interesting posts that your targets will want to read and share.

This is the best path to take to go viral in a meaningful way that will help move the needle for your business.

Or you could just keep rambling on about yourself. With this in mind, check out StatePoint’s services – they’re the best!


Image Credit: Wayhome Studio – Fotolia.com