StatePoint Media, a leading

sponsored editorial content service

, connects brands with consumers through the mass readership of local online & print media outlets our clients are not targeting.

Our Story
StatePoint offers a local sponsored editorial content platform uniquely focused on content creation, distribution and promotion. We start by creating journalistic “news readers can use” content that highlights our clients as trusted industry experts. We then promote this content on our national distribution service to thousands of local media outlets our clients are not reaching. Clients receive industry-leading, real-time coverage reports detailing key quantitative and qualitative results, such as confirmed print and online media placements, total audience reach, media placements by metro market, “prominence” rankings for online placements, and more.
Our sponsored editorial content platform delivers the following benefits:
  • Thousands of placements in LOCAL media outlets you’re not targeting
  • High quality, targeted clicks & engagements to your top consumer content
  • Brand loyalty through “news readers can use” content
  • A valuable demographic: U.S. families in suburban & rural communities
  • Controlled message (i.e. Positive coverage only)
  • Minimum performance guarantees
StatePoint prides itself on delivering honest, straightforward results at an unbeatable value. We offer the lowest prices on the market and back everything with performance guarantees in writing.


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StatePoint Media, Inc. maintains offices in New York City and Madison, Wisconsin.

Content Comes First

Position your brand as a trusted source of "news readers can use"

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What We Do

The company was co-founded by Roger Maes and Robert Silverman, who have over 50 years of combined experience in the media industry. Silverman oversees the editorial side of the business and media industry relations, while Maes is primarily responsible for sales and marketing. Both share in shaping the strategy and products of the company.

Roger Maes

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
Roger is a former Vice President of NBC Internet, Inc. and Docent, Inc. He has successfully developed and managed high-impact corporate communications campaigns for Commerce One, Edify, Jupiter Communications, Mattel Media, Philips Media, Tribune Co. and others. His experience includes time spent in public relations and corporate communications at such firms as A. Eicoff & Co., an Ogilvy & Mather Company; The Horn Group; and Bender Helper Impact.

Robert Silverman

Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Robert is a former Vice President of NBC Internet, Inc., and former journalist for Variety, Inside Media, Interactive Age, New York, National Journal and others. As a public relations executive he developed campaigns for Western Union, NotifyMe Networks, ProCricket, Eurekster and others. He has provided commentary to CBS News, CNN, The New York Times Syndicate and Reuters. He is co-author of the book, White House to Your House: Media and Politics in Virtual America (MIT Press).