A Look Back: Our Top Posts of 2018

Here at StatePoint Media, we are strong believers in great content. With the new year upon us, we are spotlighting our top three most-read blog articles from 2018. Thanks for reading!

1. What’s the Difference Between Influencer Marketing and Social Media Marketing?
Social media marketing, influencer marketing, advocate marketing. These terms get bandied about and inserted into PR and marketing proposals in seemingly interchangeable ways. But these terms mean different things, so how can you best differentiate and explain these different marketing terms and concepts to clients and colleagues?

2. Top Performing Mat Releases: What Works
Every year, we at StatePoint Media have the opportunity to work on some phenomenal stories, helping clients get out the word about their products and services, while providing valuable tips and information that people can use in their daily lives. Here are examples of two mat releases that performed particularly well, along with some insight into why they fared as well as they did.

3. Top Performing Social Media Campaigns
Our Social Amplification service is aimed at driving online traffic and social media engagements for content that clients have already created or that already exists, featuring their brands. From consumer blog posts to videos to special guides, we can boost visibility with target audiences by driving quality online traffic to our clients’ content, along with valuable social media engagements (clicks, likes, shares, comments). Here are some campaigns that outperformed our averages, and we analyzed why they generated such great results for clients.

And here’s a particularly impactful bonus post that scored among our most-read blog posts of the year:

How Content Marketing Can Provide Real Value
Far too many companies and brands think that in order to create content marketing, all you have to do is take a sell sheet about your product and turn it into a feature story, video, listicle or infographic. Then the harsh reality sets in — an advertisement by any other name is just that… an ad that will go unread and unloved. But content marketing doesn’t have to be this way. It can provide actual value to the reader and, in turn, for your brand’s marketing efforts. The not-so-secret secret is simply to treat your content marketing the way a media outlet approaches its content – with the respect and attention your audience deserves.