A Big StatePoint Blog Welcome to Content Marketers…


Welcome to StatePoint Media’s new Content Marketing Blog.

Smart marketers today know that consumers are voraciously consuming media at an ever-increasing pace, while at the same time skipping over and surfing past a ton of traditional advertising and marketing to get what they really want – content.

In this new blog we will explore the highs and lows of content marketing – the creation, distribution and amplification of valuable content that highlights marketing messages therein and spotlights products and services.

It’s all about creating content that attracts the right consumers without the hard sell. It’s about balancing brand messages with messages that the audience wants to receive. In a world where it’s easy for consumers to forego traditional advertising, content marketing is king – and great content marketing truly rules!

And just how we at StatePoint Media focus our consumer feature stories, mat releases andinfographics on tips, advice and how-tos, so will we focus this blog around valuable information that can be of service to our marketing and PR readers.


Roger Maes, Chief Marketing Officer
Robert Silverman, Editor-in-Chief