5 Keys to a Successful Mat Release


When working with your mat release service, here are some things to keep in mind:

• Avoid Over-Branding: It’s tempting to request the maximum amount of branding your mat release service will allow. But too many hyperlinks and brand mentions weakens the overall content, putting the legitimacy of the entire article at risk. Every feature is different, so while there is no precise ratio of branded vs. unbranded content to adhere to, an honest appraisal can reveal if you’re asking for too much.

• There’s No Magic Bullet: You believe in your product, and so naturally, you want to use the limited space you have to extoll its virtues. Without calling attention to competitors, an effective mat release will offer your brand as part of an overall solution to your potential customer’s needs. Never position your product or service as a magic bullet that’s the only solution to a problem or challenge – this will undermine your story’s credibility with media outlets.

• Strive for Objectivity: A great mat release will appear seamlessly in newspapers and other media outlets without calling attention to itself as something different. That being said, a strong mat will not draw too heavily on the same language used in a product’s traditional advertising. Company mottos, overwrought appeals to emotion and trademarked words that can’t be found in the dictionary are all best avoided.

• Dovetail With Your SEO Plan: Depending on the strength of your story and the service you work with, you can expect great online pick-up to the tune of hundreds of placements for each mat release. That being said, it logically makes sense for your story to include the keywords and themes that dovetail with an already in-place SEO strategy. But don’t overdo it here. Too many keywords will turn your story into foolish jargon. And always work with a mat release service that follows best practices when it comes to “No Follow” links in such content.

• Go for Broad Appeal: Don’t forget that the majority of your readership may be unfamiliar with the more technical or nuanced details about your industry. Avoid “inside baseball” language that will sail over their heads. Additionally, you should work with your editorial team to nail down an angle for the feature that will appeal to the general public.

Above all, take advice. The editorial team of your mat release service is there to help. Following their recommendations can mean the difference between your feature being taken seriously by media outlets and readers or being ignored.