3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Distributing a Listicle


When it comes to content marketing and spreading the word about your products and services, there are many types of content from which to choose, from mat releases to infographics to videos… and the increasingly popular listicle – a short article in list form with compelling images illustrating each point.

You probably already know that when it comes to communicating a brand message, you almost can’t go wrong with a traditional mat release; and when facts and figures tell the story, an infographic is the natural choice. However, if you have great images or multiple images to share with your message, a listicle may be the most successful format for sharing it. Here are three questions to ask yourself before opting for a listicle.

1. Do you have great images?


When you or your client already have great images that illustrate the story you want to tell, it’s time to consider a listicle – which is only interesting and worth creating if your visuals move the needle. When selecting images, consider the batch collectively to avoid being monochromatic or repetitive. If you don’t own images already but you do have a vision of what you want illustrated, your content marketing services team will be happy to help you source photos that work. Just remember to budget for this, as licensing photos could incur an extra fee.

2. Does the content lend itself to the format? Think “bite-sized!”


When you think listicle, think bite-sized. A listicle can help transform complicated information into something more digestible. That said, it works especially well when you a distributing a ranking, countdown or any other content easily broken down into bullets. Remember, it’s best that all the items in your list have a common thread – such as all quotes, all recipes, all “questions to ask yourself” (as in the case of this blog post).

3. Are you striking the right tone?


Listicles are a fun, on-trend way to communicate information. While every brand message is unique, generally speaking, lighthearted content may be a better fit for a listicle than more sobering themes. Consider the tone you want to set.



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